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Licensed Agents

Are you looking to jumpstart your carer? We can help you to learn the real estate business from the ground up. All you have to do is have that hunger.

Hunger can't be taught. Either you have it or you don't. BUT if you have it, then nothing can stop you. 

If you have a hunger to learn, a hunger to better yourself and a hunger to help others, you are who we are looking for. We want to  help take you to the next level..


When our clients succeed, we succeed. Learn how to become an expert from an expert.

JOIN The Team!

I will provide you with:

Powerful Top Tier Training 

Guidance & Help Throughout the Process
Buyers who are Looking for Homes Right Now 
Quality Errors & Omissions Insurance 

I am looking for an agent who:

Wants to Help People
Has a Positive Attitude
Wants to Learn
Isn't Afraid of a Little Hard Work

Are you looking for a strong team leader who will give you both knowledge and direction? If so, I want you to contact me here. Let’s see if we are the right fit for each other.

You will find our focus will be on both Work and Life. You need a good balance to get maximized results. We need someone who will help use to create happy, lifelong clients.

With a client first focus, I help you to maximize the homebuyer experience and prove our value to the client. I can help you to reach your full potential and in turn, you will help me to reach mine.

To be clear, I am not offering some pie in the sky. What I am offering is real world results you can track daily. I will provide you everything you need to be a successful and outstanding REALTOR®.


If You Have No License

If you currently do not have a real estate license but want to get into the real estate industry, I can help! Not only will I point you in the same direction I took I will also give you practical real-world tips to help you be prepared to take the real estate exam.

While you are waiting to pass your test, I will mentor you on how to get prepared to make this transition. I will coach you on what mindset you need to have, and how to make the most of your time while you wait for your test results.

What it takes to become a Realtor:
Pass 3 Real Estate Classes 
Pass the State Exam 
Pass a Background Check 
Pay for Your License 
Join a Real Estate Broker 
Join the Board of Realtors

The Nuts & Bolts Of It

Becoming a Realtor is hard work, takes time and will cost around $1,500-$3,000 when everything is said and done. Not all the money will be needed upfront, but you will pay different entities as you progress through the process.

If this sounds like something you would like to learn more about contact me here. Once we touch base, we will be able to see if you are ready to get started down this path.

What matters to me most, is working with somebody who has a real love for helping people, a passion to learn, and a desire to live a better life. After all, if you can help enough people’s dreams come true, yours will too.



Agent Real Estate Referrals.

What to expect:

Weekly communication (more if needed)
Knowledge and experience you and your clients can trust
Extensive knowledge of the High Desert
I will work quickly and effectively in any real estate market

Having been licensed since 2002, I have learned to actively listen to what client’s needs are and how to better serve their unique situation. Rest assured, I am prepared. I have undergone extensive continued education through both the National and California Board(s) of Realtors. It is my goal for everyone I help, to feel empowered throughout the process.



I love agent referrals because it’s an outstanding way to connect with real estate agents, homebuyers, and home sellers I would never have had the opportunity to serve. I promise to take care of your client referrals.

If it wasn’t for the help of clients just like yourself, I couldn’t be the broker I am today.

I will provide you with the current DRE legal maximum referral of $400 for each client that closes. PLUS I will provide your referral with a $400 credit they can apply towards their closing costs. Click here to let me know about your referral.

Here are my real estate designations and certifications:

GRI – Graduate Realtor Institute
SRES – Seniors Real Estate Specialist
GREEN – NAR’s Green Designation
MRP – Military Relocation Professional
SFR – Short-Sales and Foreclosure Resource
AHWD – At Home With Diversity
PSA – Pricing Strategy Advisor
RENE – Real Estate Negotiation Expert
ePro – Real Estate Internet Marketing Professional
PTS – Probate & Trust Specialist
ADUS – Accessory Dwelling Unit Specialist

Here is my shared compensation plan for all referrals:

1st Referral: 25%* of the gross earned commission
2nd Referral and beyond: 30%* of the gross earned commission
*Bonus: 5% extra, if we share at least one designation/certification at time of referral

Commission share is based on the Gross Commission Earned (the final gross check from escrow). Our agreement must be signed by your real estate broker of record. To learn more or to tell me about your clients, please contact me here.

Client Referral: (non- licensed)

If you are a current or former client, we want to thank you for your business referrals. They are the lifeblood and our absolute favorite type of client, because we will see you at their housewarming party! Have I ever mentioned I love to eat?

If it wasn’t for the help of clients just like yourself, I couldn’t be the broker I am today.


Josh Beauchamp

First and foremost, I am a family man who loves my dogs, grandchildren and spending as much time as possible with my very talented wife. These are the 3 reasons I have the passion and energy to live each day to the fullest.

When I am not fishing, I am an avid BBQ guy. I grill, I smoke, and I eat! My passion for cooking comes straight from the heart. It allows me to share my love in an edible way. To me it doesn’t get much better than having a great tasting meal with the people I love. I am truly obsessed with putting the same love and attention to detail into every plate as I do with every real estate transaction.

Finally, I want to share with you an idea that has been in my mind for decades now. An idea that has shaped my life in almost every way:

If, I can make enough people’s dreams come true, then my dreams can come true too.

Let’s dream big together! I look forward to hearing about your dreams and helping them to become a reality.

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FREE Instant Home Valuation

I want to learn how to buy like a pro!

If you’re ready to buy a home, you have a great opportunity to get ahead of the curve by purchasing before rates and prices climb higher. If you can, buying sooner rather than later may make the most financial sense.
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Free Buyer's Guide

Things To Consider When Buying A Home


Free Buyer's Guide

Things To Consider When Buying A Home

Leverage the market and sell your home!

The current imbalance of supply and demand is good news for you. Let’s connect today to discuss how much leverage you have, and why it’s best to sell now instead of later, if you’re ready.
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Free Seller's Guide

Things To Consider When Selling Your Home


Free Seller's Guide

Things To Consider When Selling Your Home

Moving On!

A Guide to Housing-Related Resources Tailored to Seniors and their Families.

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Moving On! A Guide to Housing-Related Resources


Moving On! A Guide to Housing-Related Resources



Client Success Stories

Highly likely to recommend

Joshua was indispensable [from] my initial visit and afterwards. He was [both] candid and well informed. Joshua was also instrumental in my contingency coordination [giving us] the option to reside in your current home while awaiting your new home’s construction. It has been my lengthen experience, over the course of 6 months, and frequent interactions with him that lend to this commendatory endorsement of him...
Eliysha Y
So excited to move… the views are amazing and it's so peaceful! I have to give a big shoutout to Josh. I'm 28 and [I] was interested in buying my first home in the near future but no one has ever taken me seriously or given me the time of day (I'm assuming because I look so young lol). Well Josh didn't care that I looked young and didn't judge me off of that and I truly appreciate that he took me seriously and believed that I could get my dream home. He made my dream a reality! He took us all over...
Erika C
We went out a few times to check out the land and homes. Joshua Beauchamp, has been the one we decided to make [a purchase with] and [he] has been very helpful. He has taken the time to talk with us about our options as well as show us other homes. Even after us signing the paperwork on our own home he has followed up with us to make sure that everything is going smooth with the sell of our current home...
Tiffany A
We have had such a positive experience from the first time and all the way through submitting an offer. Joshua has made this experience stress-free, easy, and fun. From the moment we told him what we wanted and was looking for he instantly knew the perfect home for us. He took us around, allowed us to compare and contrast homes we were considering, and sure enough, his first recommendation was spot on. We fell in love with the home and homesite. From that moment on Joshua has taken care of us...
Kiandra J
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