A little about me

Josh Beauchamp is a family man who loves his dogs, grandchildren and spending time with his equally talented wife. As an avid BBQ smoker, Josh loves to cook great tasting food as often as possible. It reminds him of when he owned and ran a catering service for many years. He says the best part of feeding the ones he loves is the smiles on their faces and the satisfaction of knowing they got to speed quality time together. After getting his real estate license Josh was off to the races becoming a top sales agent in every place that he worked, often being number one for the year. He accomplished this because of his love for whathe does and the pride he take in making it as fun and exciting of an experience as possible. Originally working with buyers josh ran with it and learned so much helps as many people as he could. Intrigued by the mortgage process he deiced to work in home loans though the height of the market in 2008. After things changed he went back to his roots and focused on being a real estate agent. After things settled down from the Great Rescission Josh decided he would sale new homes for a while so he could better understand both the building process and what builder where looking for. After a successful run he has deiced to return to his resale roots better armed with the first hand knowledge of how thing get done. He believes the more well rounded your education is the more you can help clients who really need an expert in their corner. With almost 2 decades of experience working with buyers and sellers, in the High Desert and Inland Empire areas of Southern CA, Josh has the experience to make things happen. He is uniquely qualified to help guide his clients through the home buying/selling process as stress free as possible. He does this with upfront expectations, honesty during the process and the experience to get thing done.